Our enrolled agent material is more affordable than our competitors, but still offers high quality material. Written by a long-time Enrolled Agent and CPA, the study guide and online questions help you learn what is most important as you prepare for the exam. With complete explanations, the system provides all the information you will need to pass the exam on the first try.

Yes, because of our confidence in our study material, we provide the following guarantees to our customers.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Exam Success Assistance
  • Renewal Guarantee

Please refer to Our Guarantees to You for more detailed information.

Unlimited Access to online Short Quizzes
Unlimited access to online Long Quizzes
Unlimited access to EA Practice Exams
Unlimited access to study guides

The EA Exam Study Guides are provided to students in an immediately available PDF format. Drawn mainly from actual IRS material, the guides cover the topics included in the IRS Examination Content Outlines.

Both the online quizzes and practice tests provide a selection of online questions that students use to prepare for the exam. They are drawn from a pool of more than 1,200 questions.

Quoting from irs.gov. “Test scores are confidential and will be revealed only to the test taker and the IRS.”

We do not always know test results for our students. When you see pass-rates published by another provider, be sure to ask them how they arrived at the pass rate they are advertising. Healthy skepticism is appropriate when you see advertising claims that show a specific pass rate.

A student’s tax knowledge is key. Those who have some tax knowledge to start with have an advantage. However, all those who are will to be in sufficient study can pass the exam. See our home page for information about the overall pass rates for the exam.